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What to do at the Victoria Falls: Top 5 Activities based on adrenaline level

What to do at the Victoria Falls

That’s me just before I flew 425m above the gorge at over 100km/h. Now that I have your attention let’s talk about cool activities you can do at the Victoria Falls.

Let’s face it, we are not all utterly fearless thrill seekers or fans of extreme sports. The great news is that whether you like flirting with the wild side or not, there are plenty of ways to keep yourself busy at the Victoria Falls.

Since time and budget are often somewhat limited, the keen traveller needs to make some decisions. I created a Top 5 list of activities based on how much you want your heart to get racing from low to high. Important note: All activities listed here are all in addition to walking around the falls, it’s absolutely mandatory and nothing that can replace it!

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1)The “Flight of Angels”

Lean back and enjoy the view. Your heart might make a jump here and there because the view is so stunning but the helicopter ride is definitely one of the more relaxed ways to experiencing the falls. The scene from above are no doubt spectacular and incomparable. There’s just nothing like an African sunset.

2) Devil’s Pool

You’re a quite literally on edge in the Devil’s Pool: a rock infinity pool at the edge of the Victoria Falls. The pool is typically accessible from August-November, when the water levels drop quite substantially. For the rest of the year you would probably be instantly swept away, but in the dry season it’s safe – as long as you listen to your guide, promise!

3) Zip-Line

Crazy but nothing too crazy but gets your heart racing. Great for newbies to extreme activities. Big plus: You can do it in tandem, so grab your loved one and slide into the gorge at 106km/h. With 425m the zipline is supposedly one of the longest in the world!

4) Bungee jumping

Both the view and – literally – the jump itself will take your breath away. Talk about killing two birds with one stone! Afterwards, you can lean back at the Victoria Falls Hotel for a drink and watch others jump into the gorge from a safe distance – reliving the experience over and over again.

5) The Gorge Swing

Warning: high heart attack risk! An absolutely insane rope swing with 70m freefall before entering a pendulum-like swing. Similar to Bungee Jumping and definitely not for the faint-hearted. Too much for me but I admire everyone who tries.

That all sounds great, so where do I book it? We opted for Wild Horizons Zimbabwe which was recommended to us, but there are also plenty of other reputable tour providers. The Livingstone Adventure Company is the recommended tour operator in Zambia while you can also safely choose Adventure Zone and Shearwater in Zimbabwe.

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