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Unique island in a unique shape: Sylt

This is Sylt. This shape just here:

Sylt shape

It’s probably unlike anything you’ve seen before. A lot more than just an island, especially to this club of obsessed Germans who have stickers of its shape on their cars or other random Sylt possessions: Sylt necklaces, clothing, Sylt everything. It really is a bit of cult and I can’t say I am not part of it! Like most members of the club I was born into it and I am in fact a 3rd generation Sylt fan l. Most club members visit at least 1-2 times a year if not more often.

Sylt Westerland beach

Sylt is Germany’s northern-most island and so close to Denmark you’ll get Danish cell network in the northern parts of the island. You have wind here almost every day and the tides re-shape the beach every night. Strandkörbe (literally beach baskets) protect you from the sometimes harsh weather, allowing you to spend a day on the beach in your bikini even if the wind would otherwise be  blowing sand in your face: just put your Strandkorb against the wind, lean back and relax in the warming sun. Strandkörbe (plural with the German ö) are also a great place to enjoy the sunset  with a bottle of wine.

Strandkorb beach

The beach on the west side of the island is over 40km long, stretching all the way from the north to the south of the island. The east  is typified by extensive tidal mud flats. The whole island is covered by beautiful dunes. Despite what you may think there’s more to Sylt than the beach and cycling trips or hikes through the dunes and picturesque villages of only thatched-roof house.

mud flats

Sylt has become the most exclusive destination in the country

and while that’s scaring away some it’s also attracting others. The island’s reputation has even gone international with, amongst others, Russians starting to come over the last ten years. While the island is a laid-back surfer’s paradise on one side it’s a luxury destination with Germany’s most expensive properties on the other. You can shop for high-end luxury brands here and highstreet fashion. You can go for a pizza or an 8 course menu. You can have it all and I love it. It’s my family holiday destination and I still make it here every other year because it’s Sylt – Unique and loved by its cult members.

Check it out for yourself:

sunset sylt

Sunset Sylt kitesurfers

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Germany's Hidden Gem: Sylt! - Island, Germany, getaway

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8 thoughts on “Unique island in a unique shape: Sylt

  1. I hadn’t the faintest idea that this island existed haha! 🙂 Looks wonderufl, hope I get to visit some day and surf there.

  2. The shape of sylt reminds me of a ballerina 🙂 Look like a great place. I had never heard of it before, but now I’m very interested to check it out. Thanks for this inspiration 🙂

  3. What a cool place! I have never actually heard of this but I do love Germany. I will have to add this to the list for my next trip back!

  4. Now I wana go!! I love that it has both luxury and laid-back sides. I visited a small island off Nicaragua that had the same thing – and ti was awesome! The beaches on the luxe side were so clean and had fancy beach bars…. but the backpacker side had trivial nights and fire pits… something for everyone!

  5. Thank you for introducing me to Sylt! It looks pristine! What a special place to visit especially after a long, hard winter. It’s cult status is understandable!

  6. I love that sunset picture! I can tell how much you love this island getaway. It looks like a fun place with a little something for everyone. Some of your pictures reminded me of the Gulf of Mexico.

  7. Such a useful info! Sounds like a must-see place in north of Germany!

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