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How to make the most out of one day at the Victoria Falls

Ultimate 1 day itinerary for a trip to the Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Yes, you can spend more than a day at the Victoria Falls, easily. It’s beautiful and has plenty to offer but you can also just go for one amazing day and then back to your Safari, the beach or whatever you were doing in Africa that same evening. In one day you can fit in a more or less adrenaline filled activity, drink a coffee, walk around the falls, have a meal and head back. Remember, I am not for ticking boxes, so if this day would have felt like a rush I would tell you. It absolutely didn’t.

Our Victoria Falls itinerary looked like this:

  • 10 am Arrival at Victoria Falls
  • 11 am Activity (Zip-line)
  • 11:30 am Café
  • 12 pm (Walk around the falls)
  • 2:30 pm Lunch
  • 4:30pm Return to Botswana
  • 6:00pm Arrival in Botswana

A little tip on the side, if you’re in Botswana close to the Zimbabwean border your lodge or campground can organize a driver or tour for you for a day trip. It’s not recommended to drive yourself as crossing the border with a car involves paperwork and fees, and there are many road stops for tourists where the police may try to find an excuse to fine you. It’s just not worth the hassle.

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Our driver picked us up in Kasane (Botswana) at 8 am to take us on the 10 min drive to the Zimbabwean border. The crossing was extremely busy and took a little bit longer than expected. We were back on the road again at around 9 am and reached Victoria Falls town around an hour later.

The Victoria Falls are known to be the adrenaline capital of Africa and we wanted our share.

The driver dropped us off at the Wild Horizons office in town to book an activity and arranged to meet us in the afternoon at the Victoria Falls Hotel. After a lot of back and forth debating how brave we felt (or rather how brave I felt…) we went for ziplining across the Victoria Falls Gorge. In tandem of course, so we could get both this thrill and whatever else might happen together … A guide drove us to the Lookout Cafe on the edge of the gorge where our little adventure would take place.

At around 11 am we were standing on top of a cliff about to (but not quite ready to) let go. Once we were off everything went so quickly – literally at 106 km/h – and it was absolutely amazing. We were on a high for the whole day. Such a great thing to experience together!

Victoria Falls, zipline, Zimbabwe, view, gorge

Afterwards we enjoyed the look from the cafe for a while and relaxed after the adrenaline shock. The guide then gave us a lift to the entry of the falls where we started our walk along the edge. The midday heat was the perfect time to walk into the cooling spray coming up from the falls. At first it’s only a slight drizzle that gradually turns into a tropical rain as you walk along the path.

We came prepared though. We packed our phones in tupperware and had some beautiful rain capes for ourselves. Funny fact, we kept the capes from our trip to Thailand last year where we actually got into a real tropical rain. Our capes barely provided any shelter though, and we still were wet to the skin, but what an amazing feeling that was in the searing heat. We spent about two hours around the falls to take in the breathtaking view from all perspectives.


By then it was around 2 pm and we were starving, badly, so we walked over to the Victoria Falls Hotel for lunch. It’s a 10 min walk that takes at least 15 minutes because it’s plastered with overly keen salesmen trying to interest you with wooden animal souvenirs. Stepping onto the Victoria Falls Hotel grounds is like entering a different world. It’s a gorgeous Victorian place with a terrace overlooking the Victoria Falls, but more on that next time. By the time we sat down for lunch we were already dry again!.


We stayed at the Hotel all afternoon until we met our driver at 4:30 pm, for our return drive to Botswana. We arrived back at the lodge at around 6 pm after our beautiful day at the Victoria Falls.

What would your Victoria Falls itinerary include?

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