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Formula E in Paris

I spent yesterday a bit further away from my usual playground at a Formula E race in Paris, but what shall I say? I genuinely enjoyed it. That probably surprised me more than anyone else. It was my first ever live car race, except for a little glimpse at Gumball 3000 in London a few years back but that doesn’t really count as a car race.

Formula E is the electric-powered version of Formula 1: It is fairly quiet as you would expect from electric cars but still comes with a nice whoosh of acceleration – just at a sound level that still allows you to have a conversation. It also doesn’t fall short of thrill and speed with the cars almost seeming to scrape the walls as they speed past a tight turn.

On the sidelines, stalls of the different car manufacturers allowed us a glimpse into the future of sports cars. Even if this futuristic machine wasn’t only a concept car, it would still be exorbitantly out of reach… Forever.

The lovely Parisian scenery probably also did its part in helping me to enjoy the day. I just can’t get enough of this tall tower in town and those beautiful old buildings surrounding it.

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