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A German watches the England vs. France football match in Paris

England vs. France is probably one of the biggest rivalries in the football world and it was a bit of a dilemma for me:

I am German (Mannschaft!), lived in England for four years and have been in France for a few months now. Eventually I had to give in to the local pressure and support my current place of residence…

Most of the people who know me probably expected me to enjoy the fashion and art Paris is so famous for. However, Since I arrived in Paris I have been to my first ever motor-racing Grand Prix and my first ever football match. I got extremely lucky a couple hours before the match and just stumbled across some spare tickets, can you believe that? Well I couldn’t…

Before yesterday I might have watched major events like the world cup with friends in a bar and probably more for the party than love of the sport. It turns out though that a live football match is really fun and electrifying and worth going to just for that. The major difference between watching a match live rather than on TV is that you’re always in the moment. You see the whole picture and not just snippets that a broadcaster chooses to show you. In the stadium you might even end up right above ITV’s box and watch the reporters get for their post-game analysis:

ITV box at France vs. England football match in the Stade de France

 As you might have figured by now this is not a technical post for avid football fans. Sorry! You won’t find a skillful analysis here of the game or certain tactics. This is more of an initiation for people like me who didn’t think they could become ecstatic at a kick off: I think you can! Go and try something new, something you didn’t think was your thing. Maybe it is and I will see you at the Stade de France for the next match. I certainly can’t wait.

France vs. England football match in the Stade de France

France vs. England in the Stade de France in Paris

France vs. England football match in the Stade de France

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