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3 days in a Resort in Cayo Coco

After traveling we went on vacation: a beach vacation in a 5* all-inclusive resort in Cayo Coco after backpacking through the country. It couldn’t have been more different to backpacking and staying in Casa Particulars and is actually not really our holiday style in a country like Cuba, but hear me out. Cayo Coco is one… Read More 3 days in a Resort in Cayo Coco

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The Cubans we met

The Cubans we met were the most welcoming, kindest and friendliest people I had met in a long time. From hosts – who let us make their home our own – to guides, taxi drivers, travel agents and waitresses, they were all lovely and genuinely helpful. However, the reason this topic is interesting for me… Read More The Cubans we met

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Cuba’s classic cars

What would Cuba be without its classic cars? They shape the streets and give the country a unique flair – and smell… The classic 1950s American cars give the city an elegance from another era. The cars held together by duct tape and the ones with rusting coating have just as much character as the… Read More Cuba’s classic cars

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Havana’s faces

Now that I started to write about Cuba, I got obsessed with writing about what the real Cuba means to me. Cuba is on the cusp of great change and where you see it the most is in Havana. Havana is a real metropolis that makes you feel like a time traveller and is a… Read More Havana’s faces

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Formula E in Paris

I spent yesterday a bit further away from my usual playground at a Formula E race in Paris, but what shall I say? I genuinely enjoyed it. That probably surprised me more than anyone else. It was my first ever live car race, except for a little glimpse at Gumball 3000 in London a few years back but… Read More Formula E in Paris

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A love letter to Cambridge

Time for a bit of a nostalgic quicky and rose-tinted post. I am back in town, in my beloved Cambridge. It’s been three and a half years since I left the imposing historic sandstone buildings behind me, after one year of calling them my home.  The baristas might not know me by name anymore, many of my friends… Read More A love letter to Cambridge