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A budget-friendly Christmas gift guide for travel girls (and guys)

A budget-friendly Christmas gift guide for travel girls (and guys)

It’s Christmas time, my friends! I can finally listen to Christmas songs without being embarrassed about it because it’s finally December. That also means it’s time for Christmas shopping! While that can be super exciting and fun, sometimes a little bit of inspiration doesn’t hurt. Maybe you also just want to get the job done or you want a little treat for yourself? Either way, I got you!

I compiled a budget-friendly Christmas gift guide for travel girls – and guys, except for the floppy hats most gifts are pretty unisex. Instead of running up and down the high street, you can get the whole list from one little shop called Amazon. The gift ideas are available from as cheap as $5, so happy shopping!

Packing Cubes

I love packing cubes! They changed the way I travel and keep organizing fanatics like me happy.

A floppy hat

Floppy hats are the perfect accessory for every season. They look classy and they are good for your health because they protect you from the sun… Find your Floppy hat here from as little as $5.

A sleeping mask

A sleeping mask can save your night anywhere. Everybody who’s travelled knows how unreliable good blinds are. Whether you’re in a 5* hotel, a hostel or a camper van, a good night’s sleep can make or break your holidays. This blackout sleeping mask is insanely well rated!

Foldable Backpack

This travel backpack folds up into a little hand-sized pouch. That’s perfect if you don’t want to take a backpack as hand luggage, but still want the flexibility to use a backpack when needed, e.g. on hikes.

Luggage Scale

It seems quite boring, uh? It’s just such a basic, but I can’t even count the number of times I went to the airport praying my bag would not be too heavy. If you love the thrill that’s awesome but if you don’t want to risk paying ridiculous amounts, a Luggage Scale is your friend! I broke mine ages ago and never replaced it, I’d be so happy to get one, hint…

Worldwide Travel Adapter

This travel adapter can be used in almost every country and just takes another thing to think about of your mind.

A Scratch travel journal

The perfect gift for your long-term traveller friend. I got one from a very dear friend and love it!

Lonely Planet destination books

Allow your travel addicted friend to dream! I added Botswana to my bucket list last year after seeing it on a Lonely Planet guide and that was the best decision ever…

Jade Travel Yoga Mat

This yoga mat is light-weight and fits in every suitcase. It’s perfect to squeeze in a workout in your hotel room whenever you have a few spare minutes. No excuses anymore!

A Kindle

This is on the pricier side, but I never travel without my kindle. You can’t decide which books to take on your trip or you’re worried about running out of reading material? I get it! I have the Kindle Paperwhite and am perfectly happy with it, but you can choose any model from the Kindle family here.

Did you find something to add to your Christmas wishlist or did you find the perfect gift for a loved one? Let me know in the comments below!

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A budget-friendly Christmas gift guide for travel girls (and guys) - It's Christmas time, my friends! I can listen to Christmas songs without being embarrassed about it because it's finally December. That also means it's time to go Christmas shopping!

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