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3 days in a Resort in Cayo Coco

After traveling we went on vacation: a beach vacation in a 5* all-inclusive resort after backpacking through the country. It couldn’t have been more different to backpacking and staying in Casa Particulars and is actually not really our holiday style in a country like Cuba, but hear me out.

Cayo Coco is one of plenty of small islands off the Cuban coast. It’s connected to mainland Cuba via a 35km long bridge to paradise. The view from the bridge gives you a good taste of what’s to come: flamingos, crystal-clear water and white sand.

Once in Cayo Coco we walked around a few resorts – resorts are the only thing there is on the islands and they are so close together you can walk from door to door to find out more (but I wouldn’t recommend it)! – until we chose the only 5* star house (probably more like a 4* european standard) on the island, the MELIÁ CAYO COCO. We mainly chose that one because it’s a quiet, adults only hotel and not as surrounded by other hotels as is the standard on the tightly packed island.

The island really is beautiful and the nature is paradise. It’s nice to completely unwind, to be able to lean back and just relax because everything is taken care off. It’s not so nice to queue at a buffet or search for a free, preferably private, sunbed, but that’s the price you pay for the pampering here. The Melia is a lovely hotel and the surroundings are mind-blowing, but you don’t feel the culture or uniqueness of the country at all so it doesn’t matter if it’s in Cuba, Portugal or Bali in the end.

Most people here were Canadians who spent a week or two here without discovering the real Cuba, just being on a beach vacation ignoring the country they were in. I thought that was a pity, but embarrassingly after only half a day I was happily one of them, taking part in archery competitions, savouring the free cocktails by the pool, watching the evening shows, eating way too much, snorkeling and sailing on a Catamaran.

The few days of all-inclusive relaxation were a fantastic end to our trip and I am not going to lie and just say it: I loved it!

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